The market demand for highly qualified technical specialists, experienced managers and middle managers, who are characterized by a high degree of professional mobility, broad-based workers, remains quite stable.

Graduates of educational institutions in the labor market, sometimes not competitive, because when choosing applicants for filling vacant positions, company managers prefer specialists with sufficient professional experience. The problem of graduate employment is particularly acute due to the growing crisis in the Ukrainian economy, which has led to a reduction in the total demand for labor declared by enterprises. This worsens the chances of graduates to succeed in employment due to lower competitiveness in the competition for filling vacant jobs with appropriate terms of payment and employment.

Among the main reasons for complicating the employment of graduates of educational institutions, it is necessary to single out, first of all:

• existing imbalances in the structure of demand in the labor market are exacerbated due to weak coordination links between the labor market and the educational services market; inconsistencies of the specialty acquired with the needs of the labor market; lack of long-term economic forecasts of changes in the vocational qualification structure of the workforce;

• increased competition in the labor market of professions and specialties, which are being trained in educational institutions;

• a predominantly unconscious approach to choosing a future profession as a result of the imperfection of the existing system of career guidance for young people, focus on obtaining a prestigious (at the moment) profession, which may be unclaimed in the labor market in the future;

• lack of practical experience or work experience in the specialty;

• the gap between the content of education and requirements from employers;

• psychological unpreparedness of youth for making independent decisions.

But despite the above information, in recent years, employers are restoring relations with higher education institutions in the training of personnel.

The training of highly qualified specialists is possible provided that the acquired theoretical knowledge is reconciled with practical work skills in the workplaces that correspond to the professional qualifications of the workforce, the requirements of employers and the level of development of modern technologies.