Motivation for work is one of the most significant factors in the development of the national economy. Today, of particular importance is the need to assess the attitude of young people to employment, which in the future allows providing motivation for young specialists to highly productive work and improving the final results of activities. At the same time, youth is one of the most vulnerable categories; they experience significant difficulties in finding employment. Young specialists – graduates of higher educational institutions who are looking for work for the first time, as well as young people without education and specialties, are traditionally at risk and the most problematic participants in the domestic labor market. The specificity of the indicated group is the existence of a contradiction between the social and professional orientation of youth and the needs of companies in the workforce. The imbalance in the volumes and profiles of specialist training and the needs of the labor market in some cases reinforces the employment problems of graduates of educational institutions.

One of the problems of modern youth is its difficult situation in the labor market. Young people are among the most productive ages. Having received a vocational education, young people cannot put their skills into practice, and this causes the greatest difficulties in finding employment and further work.

Young people, as one of the main productive forces, have high labor potential, social and labor mobility, are characterized by energy, speed of training, desire for innovation, creative thinking. The youth labor market reflects the specifics of the supply and demand of labor for adolescents, boys and girls under the influence of various factors (scientific and technological progress; the level and quality of life; the degree of competition, the development of entrepreneurship; current legislation). At the same time, the system of labor relations is built on the basis of social norms and institutions that ensure the coordination of the interests of young people and employers taking into account supply and demand. Labor relations in market conditions are associated with the demand for labor using the physical, professional, creative abilities of a person; over time, the application of the necessary labor; with the distribution of created value and a system of remuneration for labor. Motives of work are an important indicator of the processes in the social and labor behavior of future specialists.

It is also important for young people to engage in self-development, improvement. Many also plan to continue their studies in the future, for others it is very important that they have the opportunity to study, gain new knowledge, learn from experience and be able to climb the career ladder in future work.

So recently, young people have been interested in such a question as: “What specialties are now in demand on the Ukrainian labor market?”