On February 23 volunteer students of the Career Center NTU “KhPI“ took part in the Open Doors Day and the Science Festival “Science is FUN” of NTU “KhPI”

Open Doors Day and Science Festival “Science is FUN” is a traditional event where young people can make acquaintance with the university’s departments and the opportunities that the university offers students. This year its program was very rich: more than 50 master classes, workshops, laboratory works in the areas of the university, demonstrations of engineering and robotics, an IT platform, an exhibition of small arms and military equipment from the Military Institute of Tank Forces of the KhPI, a presentation of the Polytechnic specialties, as well as special educational programs: “Innovation Campus”, “Business Education”, international opportunities of the “German Educational Center KPI”. The event was attended by more than 1,500 schoolchildren, their parents, students of technical schools and colleges from different cities of Ukraine.

Young people and their parents were interested in the opportunities for internships and employment for students of various specialties, in the successes and career growth of polytechnic graduates.

Volunteer students of the Career Center of NTU “KhPI” have told the guests about the companies, enterprises and organizations of Kharkov, Kharkov region, other regions of Ukraine and abroad, with which the university cooperates, about students educational programs, as well as about opportunities for self-development on the basis of the university, in particularly about participation in various projects in the field of business, IT, education, etc., about volunteering in student organizations of the university and in the Career Center of NTU “KhPI”.