Students Testing from Nix Solutions

On February 14 at 10:25 a.m. in a 204 classroom of the building EC Nix Solutions conducted testing for students in the areas of Java, .Net, Front-End, PHP, PHP + CMS, Linux administration / DevOps, Azure DevOps, Android and Bysiness analysis education. According to the test results, participants will be able to get to the chosen educational program of the company, at the end of which the most successful may become its new employees.

Nix Solutions is one of the largest IT outsourcing flagships in Ukraine with a large number of successful software projects. The company grows further and looks for talented students in its ranks. For more effective “entry into IT” of new personnel, Nix Solutions conducts training courses, at the end of which many remain to work in the company. Passing testing in selected areas is the first stage of selection for courses.

We wish our students success in their career endeavors and inspiration in the future!