Workshops from Adelina Call Center were held at NTU “KhPI”

Workshops were held in 3 stages: on October 18 at 11:00 in the 901 classroom of the building U1, at 12:35 at the Department of Sociology and Political Science in the 807 classroom of the building U1, on October 22 and November 18 at 12:35 at the Department of Economic Cybernetics and Marketing management in 605 audience of the building U1. Classes were in the form of interactive mini-lectures lasting up to 45 minutes.

Representatives of the call center have told our students about effective self-presentation, revealed the secrets of successful interviewing and the first career steps in the company. Almost 30 students had the opportunity to talk with representatives of the Adelina Call Center and adopt for themselves useful experience and skills for future employment.

Adelina Call Center is the largest call center in Ukraine, which provides information support, telephone sales, customer search, online store services, questionnaires, a virtual office, etc. This is why it’s interested in active, educated and initiative students.