There are a number of questions that arise while looking for an attractive job, to which the Career Center NTU “KhPI” will help you find the answer:

  • how to write a resume correctly;
  • how to prepare for an interview;
  • where to find a place to practice;
  • where to find a part-time job in your free time;
  • how to look for work on the Internet, etc.

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Remember that building a career is a crucial step, which you must prepare for in advance. Begin your journey already from the third year: attend presentations of career opportunities from the best companies of the city and Ukraine, Job Fair and employment training, which our center systematically holds for students. If you can’t come to us, we will visit you at the invitation of your management (dean, department head, teacher, etc.) and give you advise on questions that interest you. Let’s look for internships and practices together. Do not waste time that can be usefully used.