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On February 23 volunteer students of the Career Center NTU “KhPI“ took part in the Open Doors Day and the Science Festival “Science is FUN” of NTU “KhPI”

Open Doors Day and Science Festival “Science is FUN” is a traditional event where young people can make acquaintance with the university’s departments and the opportunities that the university offers students. This year its program was very rich: more than 50 master classes, workshops, laboratory works in the areas of the university, demonstrations of engineering and robotics, an IT platform, an exhibition of small arms and military equipment from the Military Institute of Tank Forces of the KhPI, a presentation of the Polytechnic specialties, as well as special educational programs: “Innovation Campus”, “Business Education”, international opportunities of the “German Educational Center KPI”. The event was attended by more than 1,500 schoolchildren, their parents, students of technical schools and colleges from different cities of Ukraine.


Students Testing from Nix Solutions

On February 14 at 10:25 a.m. in a 204 classroom of the building EC Nix Solutions conducted testing for students in the areas of Java, .Net, Front-End, PHP, PHP + CMS, Linux administration / DevOps, Azure DevOps, Android and Bysiness analysis education. According to the test results, participants will be able to get to the chosen educational program of the company, at the end of which the most successful may become its new employees.


Results of the meeting with representatives of Profiteam LLC

On February 5, 2020 a meeting of students of NTU “KhPI” with representatives of Profiteam LLC was held. Director of Profiteam LLC Rusanovskaya Tatyana Viktorovna and project coordinator of Profiteam LLC Rezak Oksana Sergeevna spoke about the possibility of internships at enterprises in various sectors of the German economy, about the creation of projects that combine the possibility of practical internship abroad and answered numerous questions from students. A student of the Institute of Economics, Management and International Business, Moskalenko Daniil shared his impressions of his staying in Germany under one of the internship programs.


Gratitude to the volunteer students from Novo-Vodolazhsky Oil and Fat Combine LLC

On November 28, was held an official awarding of diplomas to the volunteer students of the Career Center NTU “KhPI“, who took an active part in the Job Fair “Polytech-2019”. Vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work of NTU “KhPI“Ruslan Pavlovich Migushchenko congratulated the volunteer students on the successful holding of the event at a high level, noted their significant contribution to its organization and conduct.


Workshops from Adelina Call Center were held at NTU “KhPI”

Workshops were held in 3 stages: on October 18 at 11:00 in the 901 classroom of the building U1, at 12:35 at the Department of Sociology and Political Science in the 807 classroom of the building U1, on October 22 and November 18 at 12:35 at the Department of Economic Cybernetics and Marketing management in 605 audience of the building U1. Classes were in the form of interactive mini-lectures lasting up to 45 minutes.


We invite you to our jubilee “I am abrand of jobs” Polytech-2019 “!

November 15 NTU “KhPI” invites everyone to visit XV annual jobs fair “Polytech-2019”!

More than 1000 vacancies from different companies of Kharkiv region and Ukraine will be presented at the fair, as well as offers of preparatory courses, internships and internships with further employment for students of NTU “KhPI” of different courses, and not only!