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Some problems of employment of graduates.

The market demand for highly qualified technical specialists, experienced managers and middle managers, who are characterized by a high degree of professional mobility, broad-based workers, remains quite stable.

Graduates of educational institutions in the labor market, sometimes not competitive, because when choosing applicants for filling vacant positions, company managers prefer specialists with sufficient professional experience. The problem of graduate employment is particularly acute due to the growing crisis in the Ukrainian economy, which has led to a reduction in the total demand for labor declared by enterprises. This worsens the chances of graduates to succeed in employment due to lower competitiveness in the competition for filling vacant jobs with appropriate terms of payment and employment.


Young people in the modern labor market

Motivation for work is one of the most significant factors in the development of the national economy. Today, of particular importance is the need to assess the attitude of young people to employment, which in the future allows providing motivation for young specialists to highly productive work and improving the final results of activities. At the same time, youth is one of the most vulnerable categories; they experience significant difficulties in finding employment. Young specialists – graduates of higher educational institutions who are looking for work for the first time, as well as young people without education and specialties, are traditionally at risk and the most problematic participants in the domestic labor market.


Employment opportunities for NTU KhPI graduates in the Kharkov region.

The analysis of world experience, its adaptation to our conditions and its rich experience allowed us to create and implement our own system to promote the employment of graduates, which generally provides young people with jobs in their specialty.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 216 dated 04/15/2015 abolished the provisions of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 99 of August 22, 1996, which approved the procedure for Employment of University graduates, the training of which was carried out at public expense.


Students of NTU “KhPI” will be able to pass the practice at EU enterprises

NTU “KhPI” was visited by representatives of Estonian company “Finesta” – CEO Martin Mägi, International Project Manager Edwin Prymak, recruitment specialist Julia Silins.

The two-day visit involved negotiations with the
university management, familiarization with the activities of the university,
meeting with students of the Polytechnic.


Signing of the agreement on mutual cooperation between the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” and LLC “Profiteam”

Vice-rector of the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” Gennady Khripunov and project coordinator from LLC “Profiteam” Oksana Sergiyivna Rizak signed an agreement on cooperation in organizing international programs for students abroad.


Career days at KhPI: Chemists start!

A new project for students “Career days at NTU” KHPI “has started at the National Technical University” Kharkov Polytechnic Institute “. On Wednesday, March 6, there was a meeting with the employers of students of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Chemical Technologies and Engineering of KHPI. This is the first of a series of events to be held during March-June 2019 at all KHPI faculties and institutes.


KhPI begins a new project for student employment

At Kharkov Polytechnic Institute National Technical University starts a new project for students “Career days at NTU” KHPI “. During March-June 2019, institutes and faculties of KHPI will organize meetings of students of 4-6 courses of the university with employers. The purpose is to assist in the employment of polytechnics, their acquaintance with potential employers, vacancies, information on possible internships, as well as visiting enterprises, conducting various trainings, consultations.


Job Fair “Polytech-2018” and presentations at the departments in the period November 2018

The NTU “KhPI” hosted the annual Job Fair “Polytech-2018”. On November 9, 2018, 83 employer companies gathered at the arena of the Polytechnic sports complex, offering almost 1,200 permanent job vacancies to our future graduates: programmers, economists, engineers, designers, etc. The distribution by direction can be seen in Figure 1.


Meeting of students of NTU “KhPI” with representatives of the international company Procter & Gamble

On December 17, NTU “KhPI” held a meeting of students of 3-6 courses of technical specialties with representatives of the international company Procter & Gamble.

Basel Elnashar, General Director of one of the P&G factories in Pokrov, spoke about the company, as well as its development prospects. Since 1991, Procter & Gamble has been supplying various products from major global brands. Constantly studying the market, the company supplies the most necessary goods for Ukrainian consumers. Such products as household chemicals, household chemicals, and health products are produced at two P&G factories in Ukraine, the number of employees of which is about 680 people. All products from P&G are of the highest quality and are very popular.


Procter & Gamble International Company at NTU “KhPI”

On December 17, NTU will host a meeting with international representatives Procter & Gamble, who will talk about internship offers and employment opportunities. The event may be of interest to students in 3-6 technical courses majors, as well as recent alumni.

Participants will find unique information about their careers at the International Company Procter & Gamble, internships and employment. Those who wish will also be able to take the logical ability test thinking.