Composing a resume

A resume is a brief description of your work biography, information about your education, qualifications and skills held in jobs related to the job you are applying for.

The purpose of the resume is to give the employer concise information about you as a person who is ideally suited to the position for which you are applying.

The resume should be:

  • detailed enough so that the potential employer can draw logical conclusions about your professional data;
  • reliable – contain truthful information;
  • business and characterize only those of your qualities that are required for this work;
  • specific: contain facts and figures.

Stick to the principle of selectivity. For example, if you conducted scientific research and provided professional advice, then in the resume that you send to get a job in the field of trade, you should not list your scientific works. It’s better to put here a list of the knowledge and skills that you received when you consulted;

The resume should occupy no more than 1 page and be printed on good A4 white paper. The font should be simple (without curls), for example, Times New Roman. The standard font size is from 12 to 14 points. If you print 12 in the font, it is preferable to do the line spacing of 1.5. All this will make your resume easier to read and more attractive.

The resume consists of the following sections:

  1. Personal data (name, address, phone number, email address (if any)).
  2. Purpose: one sentence describes the position that interests you, and the skills that you possess for successful work in this position. This section should be included in the resume when you apply for a specific position, and do not want to consider any other proposals. If you intend to use the only resume option, sending it to many companies offering various vacancies, you should not include it in the resume.
  3. Qualification: 2-3 sentences summarize the main elements of your work biography, qualifications, information that you would like to draw particular attention to the employer. In the section “Qualification” you can succinctly describe your professional experience; or generally describe your capabilities and all that can distinguish you from other applicants for the position.
    Senior manager of curriculum development with more than 16 years of experience implementing innovative strategies for the efficient use of human resources.
    Responsible, organized and proactive employee who knows how to work with people. 10 years of trading experience.
    A qualified psychologist with 10 years of experience in teaching, 5 years of experience in project management.
  4. Work experience over the past 10 years (in reverse chronological order: first indicate the last place of work) should contain the following information:
    • job
    • title name of the company (and city)
    • calendar period of tenure in this position is
    • your area of ​​responsibility and achievements.The key to turning sentences that simply describe your work into sentences that give the impression of your accomplishments (results) is perfect verbs.
      For example:
      should not be writtenitit is better to write
      have worked onhave developed
      conducted training for new employeestrained 3 new employees
      usedeffectively used the
  5. Social activities. If the work experience acquired in this field corresponds to your goal (for example, you have shown your organizational, leadership skills as a member of a public organization), it should be indicated.
  6. Education. General rule: the more work experience, the less attention should be paid to the education received. If you have not received a diploma or certificate, indicate that you attended the course. Remember all your advanced training, self-taught courses.
  7. Interests Indicate if related to professional activities.
  8. Additional information (other information). The section may include information about a driver’s license, personal characteristics or traits (for example, I have organizational skills, hardworking, persistent in achieving the goal.

Download CV samples:
Marketer’s CV (link to file)
Engineer’s CV (link to file)
CV in English ( link to file)