Volunteers (Activists)

It just so happened that in the modern “kingdom” under the name “Employment” it is not enough to be a certified specialist. It is not enough to have a set of knowledge in a narrow specialty. It is also desirable to have certain skills and qualities. So, you will never be hindered by organizational skills. Regardless of whether you are a manager or a chemist, the ability to work with people will not be out of place. Where can I get this during my student years? There are several options. The Career Center offers you one of them. What is called a “Volunteer.”

Seven basic principles of volunteering at the (activists) Career Center:


We are here because we want it!


Ability to make your own decisions.


We have many ideas, but one ideal


We give equal opportunities to everyone


Fantasy Flight Unlimited


Volunteering is a job that does not have to be paid for, because it itself contains a reward!


“It is easier to beat with a hurt and dad” 🙂

Volunteers (Activists) of the Career Center are involved in:

  • organizational support for the “Job Fair”;
  • holding round tables on relevant topics related to career;
  • advising students with the help of the Director of the Center in the field of resume writing, interviewing, etc .;
  • conducting a PR-company of the Career Center (publishing in a newspaper, developing a website, making presentations …);
  • direct participation in various events of the Career Center such as “Career Days”, meetings with employers, trainings, seminars, etc.