About the center

Many graduates are faced with the problem of employment, being behind the door of their native university. Career Center NTU “KhPI” was created in order to help each student navigate the modern labor market, compare their abilities with the requirements of the desired profession, choose a strategy for acquiring the necessary skills and find their potential employer.

Tasks of the Career Center NTU “KhPI”:

  • providing assistance for students, graduate students and graduates of the university about issues of temporary, seasonal and full-time employment, on-the-job training at enterprises in Ukraine and abroad;
  • providing students with information about curricular internships and career opportunities after receiving a specific education;
  • assistance in obtaining experience of the job searching by students and increasing their competitiveness in the labor market;
  • establishing contacts between students of NTU “KhPI” and potential employers;
  • support in organizing youth initiatives.

The main directions of the Career Center NTU “KhPI” are:

  1. Informing students about employers, open vacancies and internships.
  2. Organization and holding of mass events (job fairs, presentations, exhibitions, trainings, etc.), meetings with specialists, with students, including using Internet resources, etc.
  3. Individual consultations, as well as seminars and trainings for students and teachers.
  4. Familiarizing students with relevant professions in various fields of production, facilitating their adaptation to the conditions of the modern labor market, developing the ability to compare their abilities with the requirements of getting a specific profession and drawing up on this basis a real plan for mastering relevant skills, developing soft-skills, etc.