The analysis of world experience, its adaptation to our conditions and its rich experience allowed us to create and implement our own system to promote the employment of graduates, which generally provides young people with jobs in their specialty.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 216 dated 04/15/2015 abolished the provisions of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 99 of August 22, 1996, which approved the procedure for Employment of University graduates, the training of which was carried out at public expense.

Today, any coercion in employment has been canceled, and now graduates must freely choose the place of future work at enterprises, organizations and institutions of any form of ownership. Canceled, also the mandatory signing of agreements, the issuance of a graduate direction to work and certificates of self-employment.

However, the university continues to work fruitfully to improve the employment of graduates. Since 2018, NTU “KhPI” has introduced new mechanisms to promote the employment of graduates. For further accounting of the employment of graduates in NTU “KhPI”, the methodologists of the Career Center and engineers of the Central Scientific Research Institute developed the base “Workstation”, which is included in the program “ACS by the educational process” and allows you to record the first workplace of the graduate, his car “urn history every half a year for three years, taking information from words, or using any document confirming employment provided by the graduate at will. Professional approach of the department staff to the collection of information from the graduate and liaising with them allows departments to attract businesses, successful graduates of the educational process and used as the main indicator of the quality of trainingcompanies.

to address employability issues NTU “KPI” holds annual Job Fair “Polytech”, which involved well-known  – employers, representatives of enterprises, etc. The processes of supporting youth initiatives for vocational training and employment, encouraging them to actively search are being activated. work. For this, complete and qualified information is provided on the prospects for professional growth of youth. The motivational behavior of the person is created, thanks to which young people would be interested in regulated activities.

The training of graduates in educational programs for the training of specialists in a specialty generally corresponds to the needs and expectations of employers.

According to the program of employment of the population of the Kharkiv region for the period up to 2020, developed in accordance with Article 18 of the Law of Ukraine “On Employment”, Article 24 of the Law of Ukraine “On Local State Administrations” and based on forecast indicators of economic and social development of the Kharkov region for 2018 , the state strategy for regional development for the period until 2020, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 06.08.2014 No. 385. Development strategies of the Kharkiv region for the period until 2020, ut approved by the decision of the Kharkiv Regional Council dated 05.03.2015 No. 1151-VI, the Action Plan for 2018 – 2020 on the implementation of the Development Strategy of the Kharkiv Region for the period until 2020, approved by the decision of the Kharkiv Regional Council dated 31.08 .2017 No. 499-VII, an analysis was made socio-economic development of the Kharkiv region.

The industrial complex of the Kharkov region is an integral part of the north-eastern industrial region, uniting the industrial enterprises of three regions – Kharkiv, Poltava and Sumy. This area was formed as a regional industrial complex under the influence of one of the largest scientific and industrial centers of Ukraine – Kharkov.

In the economic complex of the Kharkov industrial region, the leading place is occupied by the machine-building cycle. It has a complex structure and is represented by all technological engineering redistributions. The stages of the engineering cycle are represented by the branches of heavy and metal-intensive engineering – the production of energy, mining and lifting machinery.

In addition to the group, they represent production facilities specializing in: manufacturing equipment for various sectors of the national economy, as well as labor-intensive, but not metal-intensive (electrical, instrument-making, aviation, machine-tool industry); industrial-building – the production of cement, reinforced concrete products, ceramic tiles, wall and other building materials; agro-industrial (crop and livestock industries).

A special strategic place is taken by energy production cycles (primarily, in connection with the state strategy of a fundamental increase in own production of hydrocarbons in conjunction with the implementation of import substitution, energy saving and energy efficiency programs). These include petrochemical and chemical (covering the extraction and processing of gas, condensate and oil, their production, processing and transportation by pipelines), power engineering (turbine, generator, boiler) cycles, as well as electrical, electromechanical and other industries.

The processing industry dominates significantly in the volume of products sold by main activities. The industries included in it constitute the basis of the industrial potential of the Kharkov region.

So the industry of the region is represented by all the main activities, the leading of which are the extraction of crude oil and natural gas, the production of food, beverages and tobacco products, engineering.

The greatest impact on the performance of the industrial complex of the region has the activities of enterprises, among which are: a branch of the GPU “Shebelinkagazdobycha” PJSC “Ukrgasdobycha”, a production unit “Shebelinsky department for the processing of gas condensate and oil” OJSC “Ukrgasdobycha”, PJSC “Philip Morris Ukraine”, Kharkov Branch of PJSC “San InBev Ukraine”, OJSC “Eurocement-Ukraine”, JSC “Turboatom”, SE “Plant Electrotyazhmash”, SE “Plant named after Malysheva “, JSC” Kharkivoblenergo “, Zmievskaya TPP PJSC” Centrenergo “, PJSC” Kharkov TPP-5 “LLC” pharmaceutical company “Health”, JSC “Kharkov tile factory” Corporation “Biscuit Chocolate” and others. It should be noted that NTU “KhPI” graduates work at all enterprises.

The Kharkov IT technology industry is the industry that has been developing most dynamically in recent years. The local IT services market is characterized by a fairly high investment activity. The geography of foreign investment is quite wide – foreign participants First of all, from the USA, Germany, Denmark, Israel, etc. NixSolutions, SoftServe, DataArt, EPAM, Adelina Call Center and many other IT companies, however, there is a significant problem with staff shortages in this area.

Kharkiv Oblast is among the ten largest student centers of Europe and is one of the leaders in the educational market of Ukraine. In Kharkov, the concentration of leading higher educational institutions and scientific institutes creates favorable conditions for further consolidation in the niche of the “national forge of personnel”, among which one of the leading places in training is high qualified specialists – takes NTU “KhPI”. Graduates of 42 specialties and 170 specializations of our educational institution have been given the opportunity to find jobs at various enterprises in the Kharkov region.

Employers have begun to pay attention and are ready to fight for graduates of higher educational institutions with the technical areas of training.

Traditionally, young specialists in information technology, and graduates of engineering and technical specialties, have high chances to find work in their specialty.