Signing of the agreement on mutual cooperation between the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” and LLC “Profiteam”

Vice-rector of the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” Gennady Khripunov and project coordinator from LLC “Profiteam” Oksana Sergiyivna Rizak signed an agreement on cooperation in organizing international programs for students abroad.

Profiteam LLC offers paid internships for undergraduate and graduate students in Germany. Everyone can participate in the program and for 2-3 months (during the holidays) to work in industrial (food, light, automobile) and agricultural enterprises (farms for growing vegetables, fruits, ornamental plants, flowers), in the field of services (hotels , restaurants, amusement parks).

The purpose of the programs is to promote the integration of young people into the world educational space on the basis of consolidation of students’ theoretical knowledge and to study the practical experience of doing business in developed economies; mastering students’ advanced technologies, learning the experience of using modern technology and acquiring practical skills to work with it, much more. Besides acquaintance with modern German enterprises, participants will be able to practice their knowledge of foreign languages ​​(German, English).

The main provisions of the agreement between NTU “KHPI” and LLC “Profiteam”:

– the parties undertake to cooperate in the organization of international programs abroad for students of KHPI, in order to enable them to gain experience in various fields of economic activity,

– organize and conduct an independent selection of students to participate in the program through interviews to determine the level of foreign language proficiency,

– to provide information and advisory services to students about the conditions of organization and participation in the programs, to provide practical assistance in the registration of field documents, if necessary to approve individual training schedules for students to pass the examination session in accordance with the specialty, and others.

In 12 auditoriums of the Rector’s Corps, with the support of the teaching and methodical department of contractual and practical training in the person of UMOD and PP Platonovoj Valentina Viktorovna, a meeting of students of 1-6 courses of NTU “KHPI” with project coordinator Oksana Sergiyna Rizak took place. During the meeting, the students got acquainted with Profiteam LLC and its vacation internship programs.

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Contacts: Coordinator from Profiteam LLC Oksana Rizak.

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